Thank You Chicago Juneteenth Supporters for Contributing to Black History!

Black Remembrance Project
2 min readFeb 3, 2021


Photo credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago June 2020

Juneteenth (June 19th) commemorates the emancipation of Black enslaved persons in the United States. This special day has ascended to new heights and is becoming a permanent fixture in Black American culture. Credit for the recent rise in recognition and uptick in Juneteenth celebrations — specifically in the Chicagoland area, goes to all of the individuals and organizations who took action to elevate Juneteenth through initiatives like the Chicago Juneteenth Campaign.

The Black Remembrance Project would like to thank each and every one of our supporters who contributed to our Chicago Juneteenth Campaign!

Since our campaign launched in June 2019, Juneteenth has been recognized as a paid holiday in some workplaces, Cook County, and other townships throughout Illinois.

Unfortunately, the City of Chicago has NOT made Juneteenth a paid holiday. Instead, City officials have so far only opted to make Juneteenth an unpaid “day of observance’’ which doesn’t grant Juneteenth the same paid holiday status as other holidays. Although our campaign will continue until Juneteenth is officially a paid holiday in Chicago, we want to take some time to appreciate everyone who supported our efforts thus far. Because of your support, we set a new precedent in Black History.

Thank you.

You can help keep up the pressure for Juneteenth by signing and sharing: our local petition, the national Juneteenth petition, and/or the organizational endorsement for our campaign.

Also, if you would like to collaborate or support our upcoming Juneteenth celebration, please reach out to us via email:



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